INnovate & INspire EIT Health Spain-SEIB Biomedical Engineering Award

EIT Health Spain and SEIB are proud to announce the third edition of the INnovate & INspire EIT Health Spain-SEIB Biomedical Engineering Award aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation among recent graduates and students of this specialty. The award celebrates academic excellence and encourages students to continue the pursuit of healthy lives in Europe throughout their future careers.

EIT Health aims to address top EU health priorities by bridging the gap between academia and enterprise, upskilling professionals, and engaging learners. Our goal at EIT Health Spain is to unite and mobilize key players in the health innovation value chain in Spain, driving technology transfer, social impact, and improving the quality of life for European citizens.

For this awards, we invite all Degree, Master or PhD students and young professionals working in Biomedical Engineering, who have graduated within the last 3 years, to participate as applicants by sharing the topic of their Final Degree Project, Final Master Project («TFG» or «TFM») or current PhD or work project related to biomedical engineering.

These are the three categories:

  1. The Patient-Focused Vision Award recognizes innovations that prioritize and enhance patient-centred care and propose new digital solutions and innovations in fields such as digital medical devices and diagnostics. This award focuses on celebrating promising innovations in the field of digital health: standalone digital solutions or along with hardware. Patient-centered solutions mean that deliver outcomes that matter to patients and that can be used by and for the benefit of patients. Therefore, those solutions may empower the patient, by preventing and early diagnosing illnesses, and supporting and monitoring chronic patients to improve their quality of life.
  1. The Healthcare-Delivery Model Award focuses on boosting solutions to deliver healthcare by healthcare professionals as primary users. At the centre of this will be the concept of value-based healthcare, proposing new or enhanced models to improve healthcare delivery, where success measures should be based on patient outcomes (PROMS & PREMS indicators) and/or the shift from treatment to prevention. These can include the implementation of robust analysis of databases that are already in place. 
  1. We also encourage everyone to participate as members of the audience to vote for the Audience Choice Award to decide which shortlisted project offers the most promising solution to our current health priorities.

The awards consist of:

  1. The Patient-focused Vision Award The prize includes 500 euros plus two comprehensive mentoring sessions with the EIT Health Spain team.
  2. The Healthcare-Delivery Model Award. The prize includes 500 euros plus two comprehensive mentoring sessions with the EIT Health Spain team.
  3. The Audience Choice Award will be decided by vote*. The prize includes 200 euros plus two comprehensive mentoring sessions with the EIT Health Spain team.

Who can apply:

For the 2023 edition, the Award is calling for all Degree, Master or PhD students and young professionals working in Biomedical Engineering, who have graduated within the last 3 years.

When to apply:

The award is open for submissions from Friday, September 1st, 2023, to Thursday, October 11th, 2023 (at 17:00 h CET).

How to apply:

Instructions on how to submit your proposal and the link to apply will be provided here.

To apply, click here (EIT Health Application Platform ( and Register as “Student” in the EIT Health application system. Once your account is activated, click on “Programmes & Opportunities” and Apply Now to “INnovate and INspire Awards”.

The application consists of:

  1. Applicant basic information (graduation year and University/institution required) and short description of the project.
  2. pitching video of a maximum of 5 minutes summarizing the most relevant aspects of the Final Degree Project (“TFG”), Final Master Project (“TFM”) or current PhD or work project related to biomedical engineering. You should mention what problem are you solving, and how; as well as how your solution can impact patient care and lead to better health outcomes that matter most to patients. Pitches should be in English. Videos of more than 5 minutes or in another language will not be taken into consideration.

The video should demonstrate and will be valued based on:

  1. a) The uniqueness and creativity of the idea
  2. b) The potential impact on the lives of patients
  3. c) The potential to enhance the efficiency of the healthcare system
  4. d) The practical nature of the idea and how the idea could be implemented

*How to vote for the Audience Choice Award:

A shortlist of the finalist videos will be published on Monday, October 23rd, 2023 on this webpage.

Starting on the same day, you will be able to vote for the Audience Choice Award, by going to the Twitter account of the event (CASEIB2023 (@caseib2023) / X ( and voting with a «like» for your favourite video.

The video with the most «likes» will win the INnovate & INspire EIT Health Spain Biomedical Engineering Award – Audience Choice. Voting is open until Tuesday, October 31st, at 17:00 h CET (when the likes will be counted).

Award guidelines and conditions:

  1. Any of the awards will only be delivered to graduates able to officially prove completion of studies (Degree, Master, or PhD) with the corresponding accreditation. The organisation holds the right to decline the delivery of the Award in the event this proof cannot be provided.
  1. The participants are the sole ones responsible for the authenticity of the presented works. The Award is aimed at celebrating excellence and authenticity. Should any claim in terms of plagiarism or authenticity be placed towards a candidacy, the organisation holds the right to explore and discard or not the participant.
  2. The participants commit to being available to travel to the Awards Ceremony in Cartagena (Murcia) on Thursday, November 23th, 2023, to receive the prize in person (travel arrangements to be provided by EIT Health Spain) in case of winning one of the awards.
  3. Applicants should be based in Spain, and travel arrangements are not contemplated from other countries.
  4. EIT Health Spain commits to deliver the economical award before the end of 2023, as well as scheduling the mentoring sessions before the end of January 2024.
  5. Proposals out of the scope of the award, or not reaching a minimum value of 5 out of 10 in each of the evaluation criteria won´t be shortlisted for further round of evaluation or voting.
  6. The INnovate & INspire Awards organisation will communicate the shortlist to the candidates so they can mobilise votes for the Audience Award.
  7. The video submitted will be published online for voting purposes as part of the awards process.
  8. The organisation commits to displaying a succinct form. Incomplete forms missing mandatory information or in a language different from English will not be considered. Participation in the Award Ceremony can be in Spanish.
  9. The Jury Members will be published publicly on the Awards section of the website together with the agenda of the Awards Delivery Ceremony event.
  10. By presenting your candidacy, you are accepting the above-listed conditions.


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